If Sheryl Crow’s mother was a country singer, then you would have Kristen Ward, a brilliant pop rock vocalist and singer songwriter rooting from Eastern Washington State. Ward followed her path as an up-and-coming figure head in the music industry in spite of all the hurdles she has faced. Her new album’s inception began in 2009 as she released an acoustic version of some of the tracks in 2010. Ready for the full studio version, she started the project with producer, Terry Date, only for it to be halted before it’s completion. Ward gave birth to a baby girl and escaped the music scene for a while, but soon befriended producer Glenn Lorbecki, who helped her complete her new masterpiece, Last Night On Division, and give it the Nashville flair it deserved. One of the tracks even features the infamous Pearl Jam guitarist, Mike McCready. Her songs speak of love and devotion, like the track “I Wanna Be,” which talks about finding someone new after years of heartache. “Last Night On Division,” can be found in dowloadable format on her website or on iTunes.





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