Silver Platters – December 2007

“Of all the albums I had the privilege of listening to this year, Seattle-based Kristen Ward’s very fine debut probably was the one that took me the most by surprise. I haven’t really thought of Seattle as a city from which roots music/folk rock usually comes – let alone something of the caliber of Roll Me On. Kristen has done it though. This one is like a sudden cool wind on a desert highway. Somehow, this 23 year old singer-songwriter is channeling something. The set of songs here are centered on Kristen’s life journey thus far. While that may not be surprising, what is impressive is that they get down to business and are economically and creatively arranged … the mix is very spacious. Roll Me On is a really great sounding album for a new local artist that the northwest will, ideally, fully support”

Steve Andrews, Silver Platters, December 2007

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