Seattle Times – April 2010

The Seattle folk-rocker’s third album, “Charles” is a spare album, only seven tracks. But the songs are as dense as truffles; the bittersweet kind, with stories of love and loss and trying to heal, and accepting someone for who he is. Consider a few of the titles: “It’s You For Me,” “Maybe,” “Now You’re Gone,” “Die of a Broken Heart.” The heartbreak can feel like too much, but Ward’s voice is nice way to pass through it. It is tender and pained, then strong against the wind; something she uses to keep herself company in the darkest places, and then talk herself into the light. Ward has been busy since her 2008 album, “Drive Away,” hit. She has built a following and spent time with Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart. Not long ago, she took “a total shot in the dark” and invited Lucinda Williams to a gig in Los Angeles. She showed. “I don’t know if there’s some karmic thing where I am meeting all my idols,” said Ward, who will host a CD release party at the Tractor Tavern on Friday. “The more honest the music is getting, the more good things are coming.”


Nicole Brodeur, Seattle Times columnist


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